How a Woman Bit Off the Pen-is of a Se-x Offender

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Dennis Slaton is a registered sex offender. He had been convicted of sodomy, voyeurism, and attempted rape. However, in August 2019, he met a woman who made him pay terribly for his crimes.

On August 8, 2019, Slaton met the woman at a gas station in Greenville, South Carolina; she needed a ride. He offered to give her a lift. Excited, she entered Slaton’s car. Unbeknownst to her, Slaton was a sexual predator looking for prey. Just a little while after she entered Slaton’s car, he pulled a knife and ordered her to keep quiet, he then drove her to his home.

They arrived at Slaton’s home and he led her to his bedroom where he ordered her to take off her clothes and climb the bed. He proceeded to sexually assault her. He also told her he was going to kill her once he was done.

As the assault continued Slaton forced the woman’s head onto his penis and ordered her to perform fellatio on him. This was where she got him. As she took the position to give him the stimulation he wanted, she fastened her teeth on his penis.

Slaton’s residence on Kay Drive

She bit him and refused to let go, it was so severe she severed the penile shaft with her teeth. She was not done yet, grabbing the knife out of his hand, she stabbed him in his left butt cheek, and left the knife lodged there as she made her swift escape.

In a separate comment to the Greenville News, he stated, “What happened to me was quite severe and tragic,” without elaborating further on the incident.

Jacqueline Fair, residing across the street from Slaton, informed the newspaper that the woman he is accused of assaulting had frantically knocked on her front door during the night of the alleged kidnapping and assault.

“I chose not to open the door because one can never be certain about such situations,” she remarked. “She was pleading, ‘Help me, help me, help me,’ and I responded, ‘No, dear, we must contact the police.'”

Additionally, she mentioned that the woman “was visibly frightened” and “it was evident that something had happened to her, as she was desperately trying to escape and seek help.”

Following the act of biting off Slaton’s penis and stabbing him in the buttocks, the woman fled to the nearby Waffle House while unclothed and covered in blood

According to the police, the woman kept running along the road, knocking on doors until she arrived at a Waffle House half a mile away. The compassionate staff at the Waffle House provided her with clothing and promptly contacted 911 for assistance.

The crime report states that Slaton was discovered at his residence, covered in blood. Slaton was taken to a hospital where he was surgically treated. The authorities waited for his recovery before he was arrested and charged.

Following his arrest, Slaton was charged with first-degree criminal sexual misconduct and kidnapping. However, he was released on bail after posting a $75,000 bond with a condition of home incarceration. He faced another arrest on October 10, 2019, for charges related to driving under the influence (DUI) and driving with an open container of alcohol. Once again, he was released on bond.

It has been reported that Slaton has been registered as a sex offender since 1989 and possesses prior convictions for voyeurism, aggravated sodomy, and attempted rape.

Source: Vocal Media

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